Oysters, Barrels, and Aeries Published by Fre Lor Sound Volume IX No. 31

Oysters, Barrels, and Aeries

Published by Fre Lor Sound

Volume IX No. 31

August, the summer’s last messenger of misery, is a hollow actor. Henry Rollins

If you’re happy and you know it …. Yes, we are! This weekend will mark my first appearance in Grafton in nearly two years. It was good to take a break but I’m looking forward to playing at Aeries Winery on Saturday.. Also, I’ll be playing dates at two other favorites – Broadway Oyster Bar in St Louis and The Barrel Bar in Dardenne Prairie.

I must take a moment to apologize. Since switching to the new mail service, I’ve been missing a lot of your responses and questions. I finally figured out how to forward them to one of my regular email accounts. Please reply as often as you wish and I should now get your messages in a timely manner.

Pre-release promotion for my new CD “The Way” continues to go well. This review is moving quickly up the rankings on Bing/Google and Yahoo searches

The Faulkner Review- Bud Summers The Way

This week’s video of the week:

Live Cover of “Oh Well”/”Rocket Man from the Ludington Pub

Tuesday August 25th

Broadway Oyster Bar

St Louis, MO 6 pm

Friday August 28th

The Barrel Bar

Dardenne Prairie, MO 8 pm

Saturday August 29th

Aeries Winery

Grafton, IL 3 pm
Instilled within each of us is a virtual plethora of commonalities and differentiations. In its quiddity, this is largely understood and yet so often, as depicted by our actions and speech, we appear as not to be cognizant of it.  Therefore, please give thought prior to syllabizing every errant thought that infiltrates the upper carapace attached to your neck. Trees have feelings too! On the other hand, if you follow your parent’s advice and refrain from speech unless you have something nice to say, by all means, speak at will.


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